"It's a beautiful day to save lives"
—Derek's well known phrase

Dr. Derek Shepherd, M.D., was an Attending Neurosurgeon and Board Director at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital until his death. Derek was highly valued at the hospital and worked on the Brain Mapping Initiative. He became Acting Chief of Surgery until he stepped down and was well known for giving what were considered hopeless cases another chance. Derek was the husband of Meredith Grey, and they had three children together.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Derek was one of five children born to Mr Shepherd and his wife, Carolyn Shepherd. He had four sisters, one of whom was younger. He grew up in New York.

In around 1988 or 1989, Derek and Amelia Shepherd were with their father in the shop he owned. They watched as two robbers demanded that their father give him his watch. However, Mr Shepherd knew that his wife had saved up to purchase him the watch and he refused. He was then shot to death in front of his children, who were hiding in the closet.

Derek would later state that he missed his father every second of every minute of every day. The event was life-changing for Derek, as it formed a large part of his moral compass.

In high school, he was in a band where he played the saxophone and guitar. His childhood best friend was Mark Sloan, who became like a second son for the Shepherd family. At some point, Derek received a scar on his forehead from a motorcycle accident.

Education Edit

Derek attended Bowdoin College in Maine to achieve his undergraduate degree. He then became a student of Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons with Mark. It was there that he met Addison Montgomery. He was taught by Richard Webber at some point during his medical education.

First Marriage Edit

Derek eventually married Addison Montgomery in 1994. His best man was Mark Sloan. He then worked at a private practice in New York.

However, Derek and Addison's marriage became increasingly strained as Derek distanced himself from her. She eventually cheated on him with Mark. Derek had come home early when he found them in bed together.

Leaving New York Edit

Derek decided to leave his private practice and accepted an offer from Richard Webber to work for him at Seattle Grace Hospital. Richard persuaded him by telling him there was a chance he could become the next Chief of Surgery when he retired. Derek then became Head of Neurosurgery at the hospital.

He departed New York without speaking to Addison about their marriage. His sudden move was a talking point for his fellow doctors, as he had a respected practice in New York.

Meeting Meredith Edit


Derek meeting Meredith

Following his departure from New York, it was not long before Derek went to a bar where he met Meredith Grey. They never revealed their names or workplace to each other and the two slept together before parting ways the next day.

However, Meredith was a new intern at the hospital and they were both surprised when they were reunited at work. Derek had immediately asked Meredith for another date but she declined as he was her boss.

Relationship with Meredith Edit

"I wanna marry you. I wanna have kids with you. I wanna build us a house. I wanna settle down and grow old with you. I wanna die when I'm 110 years old in your arms. I don't want 48 uninterrupted hours with you. I want a lifetime."
—Derek tells Meredith how he feels

In time, Meredith and Derek started a relationship which they kept secret for a while. When knowledge of their relationship became known, they started dating formally. The relationship was complicated by the arrival of Addison, who was seeking to repair her broken marriage with Derek.

Meredith was upset at Derek as he had not told her that he was married, and he and Addison decided to try to repair their marriage. However, he and Addison continued to have a strained relationship further complicated by the arrival of Mark Sloan. Despite their best efforts, Derek and Addison agreed to divorce when she found out he had slept with Meredith again.

Meredith and Derek started dating again when she picked him instead of her then boyfriend. However, in time, Derek started to feel that Meredith was taking him for granted and they broke up again. They continued to have sex in an on call room and despite her admission that she wants him, Derek knew that he wanted it more than her and he started dating a nurse, Rose.

Their relationship is further strained by a clinical trial they both work on for brain tumours, in which twelve people died. Derek noticed that he was the only one who cared when a patient died, and he decided they were over as partners, friends and colleagues. Meredith eventually made a grand gesture that proved that she was ready for a proper relationship with Derek and they reunite.

They later moved in together, and Derek proposed to her. They planned a wedding, which they gave to Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev due to her decreasing health. They later married in ceremony which was not legally binding, and wrote their vows on post-it notes.

Chief of Surgery Service Edit


Derek as Chief of Surgery

Derek eventually achieved his dream of becoming Chief of Surgery when Richard Webber made him Acting Chief while he received treatment for alcoholism. Derek proved an adept and popular Chief of Surgery, though he found the paperwork dreary. He was unhappy with performing less surgery than he thought he would and considered resigning, which he went through with following the shooting at the hospital. He gave the role back to Richard Webber, who had returned to the hospital.

Shooting Edit

"I'm a human being. I make mistakes. I'm flawed. We all are."
—Derek's words to Gary Clark

In his final days as Acting Chief of Surgery, Derek had worked on the case of Alison Clark. Alison had to be put on life support following complications from a surgery. Her husband, Gary Clark, had wanted her to be kept on life support. However, Alison had signed forms three years prior asking for life support to be unplugged in such a case that her survival was dependent on machines. Derek made the choice that Alison's life support would be stopped, even though Gary was unhappy with the decision.

Gary filed a lawsuit against Derek Shepherd, who was the leading surgeon on the case of his wife. He blamed Derek for Alison's death, but Derek told Gary that there was no hope for Alison's survival, and that the hospital had acted in accordance with her advanced directive. Gary then decided to purchase a gun and kill the people he considered responsible.


Derek pleads with Gary

He arrived at the hospital and started his search for Derek Shepherd. He was ignored several times before he found Reed Adamson. She became his first victim in his killing spree as he continued to search for Derek. Having killed eleven people and injured eight, he found Derek on the bridge. Derek pleaded with Gary, who nearly lowered his gun until they were interrupted by April Kepner. Gary then shot Derek and left the scene.

The shooting caused Meredith to miscarry their baby, as Cristina Yang worked to save Derek's life. The surgery was interrupted by Gary, who proceeded to threaten the doctors in the room until they agreed to let Derek die. Cristina and Jackson Avery faked Derek's death until Gary left the room, and then continued to work to save his life.

Derek struggled to cope with the traumatic experience and started speeding, which led to several arrests. He resigned as Chief of Surgery, which he told psychologist Andrew Perkins was from the courage the shooting gave him to step down. He stopped speeding when Meredith told him about her miscarriage.

Alzheimer's Trail and Adoption Edit

Derek decided to start a medical trial to find a cure for alzheimer's, as he was inspired by his mother-in-law, Ellis Grey. He picked Alex to work with him until he realised that he found the work depressing. Derek then asked Meredith to work with him instead.

Having formed a bond with an orphaned child, Zola, he asked Meredith whether they could adopt her. Meredith and Derek had wanted to try for another child, but they were struggling. Meredith agreed to the idea, and they start proceedings to adopt Zola, starting with getting legally married at City Hall.

However, Meredith had meddled with the trial in an effort to help a patient receive the active agent instead of the placebo. She tainted the trial, and when Alex revealed the fact to the new Chief of Surgery, Owen Hunt, Derek was dismayed when he found out the truth, and he was blacklisted by the FDA. They started sleeping separately for a while, until they reconciled.

Their brief separation became known to the adoption agency, who removed Zola from the care of Meredith. They were devastated at losing Zola, and Derek became worried about Meredith because she refused to think about adopting another child. Thanks to the help of their friends, Zola was returned to them. Around the same time, Lexie Grey started to take a keen interest in neurosurgery. Derek took Lexie under his wing and they would often work together on cases.

Plane Crash and Recovery Edit


Derek's hand about to be patched up by Meredith and Cristina

Derek was one of the six doctors who were travelling to Idaho to separate cojoined twins when the plane crashed in the woods. Derek woke up with his hand stuck in part of the plane, severely injured with many broken bones. He had to break his hand further in order to retrieve it. He was later found by Meredith and Cristina, who stitched up hand to prevent increasing blood loss.

He and the surviving doctors were stuck in the woods for four days until they were rescued. Derek was worried by the news that his hand had nerve damage and tried to tell the doctors at the hospital that he was a surgeon and would need the hand to continue operating. He had a small amount of function in his hand, which prevented him from performing surgeries. He spent his time teaching residents. The hand was fixed by Callie Torres and Derek eventually returned to work.

Board Director Edit

Mark Sloan, who was Derek's best friend since childhood, was on life support, and became the second person to die from the plane crash. Derek was by his side as the life support machine was shut down after thirty days of inactivity. Derek and the rest of the survivors, decided to sue the hospital for negligence and he received $15 million.

The hospital declared bankruptcy as a result and along with the investment of Richard Webber and the Harper Avery Foundation, he became one of the doctors to purchase the hospital and as a result, he became one of the board directors. He had a say in the running of the hospital and agreed to the renaming of the hospital as Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He and Meredith were later delighted when she became pregnant with their child, and she later gave birth to their son, Derek Bailey Shepherd.

Brain Mapping Initiative Edit

Derek started working with Callie to create robotic limbs that would move through their connection to mind control. He developed special sensors that needed to be inserted into the skull. He impressed the President who was seeking the sensors for a Brain Mapping Initiative. Derek refused to give up the rights as he thought they were approaching their project in the wrong way and set them in the right direction. The President then called Derek and asked him to join the project.

Derek accepted the offer despite promising Meredith he would take a step back and care for the children to give her time to shine. Meredith was upset that he broke his promise. As the workload increased, Derek was happy when his younger sister Amelia took over his former role as Head of Neurosurgery, which meant he could continuing brain mapping and have another person to take care of the children.

The President later met with Derek and he was very impressed by him. He wanted Derek to meet with him weekly and offered him a permanent job at the NIH. He also secured Meredith an attending position at James Matheson Hospital. Meredith wanted to join Derek but her heart belonged in Seattle. She told Derek that she could not join him as she never wanted to become a spouse that follows like her father was to her mother.

Derek decided to turn down the job which strained their marriage. Derek resented the fact that she had prevented him from working in his dream role and they would only speak to each other when it regarded Maggie Pierce. He took Amelia's case instead of defending her against the patient who were unhappy with Amelia's past drug abuse, and later admitted to her that he had lost himself.

He later admitted the reason to Meredith and she pointed out that she never asked him to stay. He told her that the move to D.C. was still an option and she called and accepted the job for him. They agreed to make their long distance relationship work.

Death Edit

"It's too late. You're too late"
—Derek's final thought

Derek's final day

Derek later returned home for a short trip where he suggested to Meredith the idea of having another child, to which she agreed. The next day, Derek was on his way to the airport for a final trip to D.C. when he saw a car crash on a remote road. He saved the lives of four people and stayed with them until emergency services arrived. He then returned to his car and started to turn the car around when his phone rang. He stopped the car sideways and reached for the phone. His car was hit by an approaching semi and he was taken to hospital.

As doctors stared examining him, he came up with the correct treatment plan for him in his mind. He was unable to speak, and therefore communicate to the doctors. He begged them in his mind to give him a head CT. As they continued to make the wrong decisions, Derek knew that it was too late for him. He was rushed to the OR, but by the time the doctors realised what was wrong with him and brought in a neurosurgeon, who took an hour to respond to the paging, Derek was pronounced brain dead.

"Derek, it's okay. You go. We'll be fine."
—Meredith saying goodbye to Derek

Derek's death

Meredith arrived at the hospital shortly after, and knowing there was no hope for him, signed the paper to shut down life support. As the doctors prepared to shut down the life support, she called for Derek to wake up. The life support was then stopped, and Meredith told him that he could go. He took his last breath, and passed away.

Nine months after his death, Derek received his wish for another child, as Meredith gave birth to their daughter, Ellis Shepherd. His legacy continues to have an impact at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and in the lives of his family and friends.

Career Edit


Derek was regarded as one of the best neurosurgeons in the world and highly commended for his efforts to give hopeless cases a chance. He was given the nickname "tumour junkie" for performing many complicated and risky procedures, as he would be inspired by a complicated case rather than defeated. He was a highly competent and skilled surgeon with great compassion for his patients.

He had his own private practice in New York which was very well known and respected in the medical world. He was later made Head of Neurosurgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He was offered the chance to become Chief of Surgery, and he refused.

His confidence was knocked by three events. He lost part of his confidence when his surgery to repair a gunshot injury of a colleague, Preston Burke, led to him developing a tremor in his hand.

He later surprisingly clipped an aneurysm on a pregnant woman in surgery that led to her death. He became depressed by his failure. His confidence was then knocked again when he realised that a lot of his patients had died in comparison to the number of his surviving patients. Meredith later pointed out the reason. Derek took on cases in which he was the last hope, as the rest of the surgeons involved had refused to operate.

Derek remained highly thought of and was later made Acting Chief of Surgery. He faced a lawsuit when a patient was taken off life support, even though Derek had acted in accordance with the wishes of his patient. Derek was unhappy being Acting Chief because he preferred working in the OR instead of administration, and he resigned following a tenure of about a year.

His services gained the hospital an impressive two million dollars worth of annual revenue. He was well loved by his patients and had impressed many people, many of whom would personally seek him out for his opinion and help. He later won the prestigious Phillip's Grant.

Derek was the lead surgeon for two known clinical trials. He worked with Meredith to inject a live virus into a brain tumour and he published his work under the name of "The Shepherd Method". The second trial was the development of a cure for alzheimer's, which he funded with Phillip's Grant. The trial was going well until Meredith meddled with the given treatment for a patient, the trial was then shut down and Derek was blacklisted by the FDA.

In the time Derek was in recovery from injuries to his hand in the plane crash, Derek taught residents and consulted with cases. He recovered and returned to work and started work on another trial with Callie. He built brain sensors for better prosthetic limbs which impressed the President who wanted the work for the Brain Mapping Initiative. He later asked Derek to lead the trial and he eventually accepted the offer.

Personality Edit

Derek was a very compassionate person and well loved by patients, family and friends. He had a strong moral compass and was willing to help give people another chance at survival. He was humble about his achievements and enjoyed living a simpler life, and took in an interest in nature, particularly fishing. He preferred quieter environments and loved escaping to the O.R. for surgery.

He came from a very nurturing and supportive family, and enjoyed their company, in stark contrast to Meredith. He encouraged her to accept her half sisters into her life, as he understood the value of their importance. He was estranged from his younger sister, Amelia for a while because of her lifestyle, although they later reconciled. He deeply appreciated the value of family.

However, Derek could be unkind towards people who he found undeserving of better treatment, probably due to the nature of the death of his father. Derek was the kind of person who believed there was a right way to do things. He had high standards at work and would yell at interns and residents when they failed to meet such standards. Despite this, he was also loved by them for his approach to learning and would allow them proper experience in surgery, provided they earned it rather than fought each other for the opportunity.

Derek had the tendency to brood and refuse to talk about certain situations, such as the breakdown of his marriage. He would drown in his sorrows, particularly when he failed at a task or in an effort to cope with stress. He could snap and say the wrong thing but he was also forgiving, as evident by his friendship with Addison and Mark despite their affair.

He was given the popular nickname "McDreamy" at work for his good looks and kind manner. He portrayed the role of the charming handsome man that appealed to women, as well as a heartbreaker. Derek is best described as appearing to be two people, "warm and funny one minute and then cold and self-involved in the next". However, they were two sides of the same person and despite his shortcomings, people continued to root for him.[2]

Notable Relationships Edit

Meredith Grey Edit

"The first time I kissed my wife, she wasn't my wife then, she was just this girl in a bar. But when we kissed, it was like, I gotta tell you, it was like I'd never kissed any other woman before. It was like my first kiss. The right kiss."
—Derek about Meredith in How To Save a Life

Derek met Meredith at Joe's Bar. He had noticed her and they started talking. Derek told her that he was a guy she had to get to know to love him, and they had a certain spark. They spent the night together, but they never revealed what their jobs were. The next day, Derek and Meredith found out that he was an attending at the hospital that Meredith was an intern.

Derek had really liked Meredith and he took the opportunity when they were reunited, to ask her out on a date. Meredith refused because Derek was now her boss. They skirted around starting a relationship until they went to a house party, and they gave in. They started a secret relationship, which Miranda Bailey found out, and she thought Derek was showing favouritism towards Meredith at work. Her friends and fellow interns also found out, and they were unhappy sharing their living space with their boss.

They eventually decided to become open with their relationship, and Chief of Surgery, Richard Webber, refused to approve of the relationship because he knew that Derek was married to Addison. When Addison took a job at the hospital and revealed who she was to Meredith, she told Derek that he had to pick either her or Addison. He eventually decided to try and save his marriage of eleven years, leaving Meredith heartbroken.

They tried to be friends, but they could not deny their feelings for each other, and slept together again. When Addison found out, she knew their marriage was already over, and when Derek found Addison with Mark again, they broke up. Meredith then decided to break up with her boyfriend at the time, and she and Derek reunited.

The relationship wavered when Derek noticed that Meredith was constantly leaving him. He told her that the highlight of his week was meeting another girl at the bar, even though they just talked for a little bit. It was complicated further when they found out the girl was Meredith's half sister, Lexie Grey. When Meredith saw her best friend, Cristina, abandoned on her wedding day, she decided that her own relationship would not work either and she broke up with Derek.

However, they started hooking up until she found out that Derek had kissed Rose and she broke ties with him. Derek started dating Rose, even though they started working together on a clinical trial. Derek thought Meredith was less compassionate than him about the fate of their patients, and he decided to sever ties with her even as friends and colleagues. Following a grand gesture from her that showed him she was ready for a proper relationship with him, and that they were on the same page, they decided to be together again and he broke up with Rose.

They eventually moved in together and Derek decided to propose to her. However, when a patient died because of a mistake he made, he broke down piece by piece. He took his anger out on Meredith when she found out about the ring he brought for her, and he hit the ring with a baseball bag bat the woods. He apologised later, and proposes to her. She accepted, and they planned their wedding.

They never married properly, because they gave their wedding to their friends, Izzie and Alex, because she had cancer and her health was decreasing. They had their own wedding in a room in the hospital, and wrote their vows on post-it notes. However, even though they were married in theory, the marriage was not legally binding.

Meredith later found out she was pregnant, the day of the shooting at the hospital. She was devastated when Derek was shot, and thought he had died. She had a miscarriage before she could tell him about the baby. Derek was traumatised by the shooting, and took to speeding. Meredith was worried about him, and told him about her miscarriage, which made him stop. They then decided to try for another baby.

They were upset to find out that it would be unlikely for her to conceive naturally, and started fertility treatments. The treatment made her lose her eye sight, and she had to stop. Derek then proposed that they adopt Zola, which they agree to. They married at City Hall, and started adoption proceedings. At the time, they were working on another clinical trial which fell apart when Meredith meddled with the trial. Derek was angry with her and they spent less time together.

When the adoption agency found out, they took Zola from Meredith. She and Derek later reconciled and with the help of their friends, they adopted Zola. They were overjoyed, and a became a family. Their bond grew stronger in light of the crash, and she supported him in restoring his hand. They were delighted when Meredith fell pregnant by surprise, and they later had a son, Derek Bailey Shepherd.

The marriage hit the rocks when Derek was given the chance to work on the Brain Mapping Initiative in DC. He had promised Meredith he would spend time at home taking care of the children while she had her time to shine. He refused the job he wanted for her, and became distant, because he blamed her for losing his dream job. She later pointed out she never asked him to stay, and she accepted the job for him.

They agreed to make their long distance relationship work, and when Derek died, she was devastated. His memory continues to have an impact on her life, and she gave birth to their daughter nine months later. Derek had returned home the day before he died, and they agreed to have another child. Meredith later sold the house they had built together, because the memory of him, and the reminder of the dream they had of the house and their future, broke her heart.

Addison Forbes Montgomery Edit


Derek and Addison met at medical school. They started dating and were married in 1994. Addison became a very highly respected doctor in her specialty and worked in a private practice, similar to Derek and the two lived together in New York. They were comfortable financial and owned a home in the Hamptons.

However, in time they grew apart. They were both spending a lot of time trying to build up their professional lives, with Derek later stating he was never around for her and that they were emotionally distant in their personal lives. The strain led Addison to cheat with Derek's best friend, Mark Sloan. Derek found them and relocated to Seattle.

Addison found Derek a few months later. She accepted a job at the same hospital and was hoping they could try and save their marriage of eleven years. Her arrival surprised Derek and his girlfriend, Meredith Grey, as she had not known Derek was married. Derek and Addison later agreed to give their marriage another try and they restarted their relationship.

In time, Addison realised that Derek was now in love with Meredith and that she had messed up their marriage beyond repair when she slept with Mark. They later agreed to divorce and remained friends. Derek visited her at her new private practice in Los Angeles and she wished him well with his new relationship. It is unknown how she coped with Derek's death.

Mark Sloan Edit


Mark and Derek were best friends since childhood. Mark came from a strained family background and was welcomed into the Shepherd family as a second son. They went to medical school together. However, in 2005, Derek found Addison cheating with Mark. He departed New York and when they were reunited following Mark's arrival at the hospital he worked at, he punched Mark. Mark was at the hospital to reconcile with Addison, which fell through.

Mark's acceptance of a job at the hospital he worked at as Head of Plastic Surgery, annoyed Derek, but they remained professional and started to develop a friendship again. They later got into a fight when Derek found out that Mark was interested in Lexie Grey, his younger sister in law. He wanted Derek to leave her alone and was upset that he hadn't.

In time, Derek started to see how good Mark and Lexie were together, and when Mark confided in him that Lexie told him she was still in love with him, Derek encouraged Mark to tell her how he felt the same way. Derek was upset when Mark passed away, and was by his side as his life support machine was stopped.

Amelia Shepherd Edit

Derek was closest to his youngest sister, Amelia. They shared the grief of watching their father be shot to death which understandably had a profound affect on them. They became estranged as Amelia coped with the loss by taking drugs. Derek found her cold when she stole his prescription pad to retrieve drugs and took an overdose. Derek saved her life but they drifted apart as a result of her actions.

They were reunited when she heard that Derek was shot by Gary Clark. Derek was unhappy and tried to push her away. He gave the reason as her previous experience with drugs. However, they later had a conversation in which they shared their pain about their father's death, and he gained an understanding of why she went down the route she did. He told that he tried to hide his pain about her and their father because he wanted to protect her from sharing his pain. They reconnected and became closer.

However, by their next reunion, Amelia had relapsed and went back to rehab. Amelia wanted Derek to help her with the case of Erica Warner who had a brain tumour. Derek pushed her away again and tried to persuade her to leave the case alone as he advised her the tumour was impossible to remove. She ignored him and he agreed to help her when he realised she would never give up.

Amelia returned to let Derek know she was now engaged to James, which fell apart. She started to work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and she grew closer to his family. They would work together, as Amelia was also a neurosurgeon and they enjoyed that. When Derek wanted to take a job in DC, Amelia agreed to step in and help care for his children.

She was devastated when Derek died, and broke down when Owen told her. She was angry with Meredith because she wanted to be there when he passed away, and see for herself the injuries he sustained. A part of her needed to know for certain there was nothing she could have done for him. She felt robbed of her chance to say a proper goodbye to him and would argue with her.

In time, they set that argument aside. Amelia mentioned Derek on her wedding day, and of her pain that she would the only sister Derek would never get to walk down the aisle. She would also make jokes from time to time about losing Derek as a way of coping with the loss.

Carolyn Shepherd Edit

Derek was very close with his mother Carolyn, and he was delighted when she visited him at the hospital. She was happy to see him with Meredith and eventually told him that she thought Meredith was the good one, giving him the ring his father wanted Derek to have when he found the right one.

Carolyn was always happy to give her children advice, and when she visited Derek at the NIH, she told him that he looked tried, and that if he was miserable, he needed to fix the problem rather than feel miserable about it. It is unknown how she coped with Derek's death.

Nancy Shepherd Edit

Derek and Nancy had a good sibling relationship, until she found Derek with Meredith. She disapproved of the relationship and unfairly thought of Meredith in a poor light. Her advice to Derek to stop worrying about Meredith and find out what he wanted, helped contribute to the break-up of their relationship for the second time. It is unknown what their relationship was like since then, and Nancy still refused to speak to Meredith a few years later.

Kathleen Shepherd Edit

Derek probably had a good sibling relationship with Kathleen, as she phoned back when she received a message about Derek needing a nerve implant, showing that she cares. Despite that, Kathleen never took the matter further when the phone was hung up by another doctor.

Liz Shepherd Edit

Derek was close to Liz, and she was the sister who replied to Derek's call when he needed nerves to be donated to fix his hand. She was happy to give them to him, even though Derek was surprised by Meredith phoning her, and was reluctant to let Liz go through with the operation. Liz later changed his mind and they went through with it. Liz was very happy for Derek and Meredith when they revealed they were expecting their second child.

Children Edit

Derek was a great father, and had an instant bond with his eldest daughter, Zola. He was the one who suggested to Meredith that they adopt her, and took great pride in her. He was happy to learn how to care for her properly, and celebrated her milestones.

He was delighted when Meredith fell pregnant with their second child, and was excited about having a new family member. He was there when their son was born. He loved having children, and later suggested to Meredith that they have another child. He unfortunately died before their third child, a daughter named Ellis, was born. Meredith commented that she looked like Derek, and that she was beautiful.

Lexie Grey Edit

Derek was relatively close to his sister in law, Lexie. They had a sibling kind of relationship and he was happy to welcome her into his family. He was very protective of her, and was unhappy when Mark Sloan took an interest in her, feeling she was too young and that she would be messed around. He later approved of their relationship.

Derek took Lexie under his wing and trained her when she took an interest in neurosurgery. He was unhappy when she messed up in an operation, but only gave her fair treatment when he shouted at her for her actions. Derek encouraged Mark to share his feelings with Lexie and was saddened when she died.

Rose Edit

Derek met Rose at work where she was a nurse, and they flirted. It eventually led to a kiss and he shared the event with Meredith, who he was estranged from at the time, and they later broke up. He started dating Rose, and they appeared to be happy. However, Derek was just pretending that he was happy with Rose when in reality, he was still in love with Meredith and wanted to be with her.

Derek broke up with Rose when Meredith proved that she was ready to be in a real, committed relationship with him. Rose was upset about the break-up, and she later relocated to another department when her anger about the break up made her accidentally stab him in the hand with a scalpel.

Trivia Edit

"I'm gonna tell you. All right. My mother's maiden name, Maloney. I have four sisters. I have, uh, nine nieces. Five nephews. I like coffee ice cream, single-malt scotch, occasionally a good cigar. I like to fly fish. And I cheat when I do the crossword puzzle on Sunday. And I never dance in public. Um, favorite novel, The Sun Also Rises. Favorite band, The Clash. My favorite color is blue. I don't like light blue, indigo. The scar right here on my forehead, that's why I don't ride motorcycles anymore. And I live in that trailer. All this land is mine. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it. So that's it. That's all you've earned for now."
—Derek sharing information about his life with Meredith in Save Me
  • When Derek moved away from New York, he lived in a trailer which was placed on land that he had purchased. He gave the trailer to Alex Karev when he moved in with Meredith. Owen Hunt lived in the trailer from 2011 until his marriage to Amelia, and then sold it when they brought a house together.
  • He loves ferry boats, even owning a cap with them printed on.
  • Derek once stated that he was a pain specialist, but there was not any elaboration about that.
  • He was one of the Seattle Grace Five, i.e. he was one of the five doctors who survived the plane crash. He was also one of the Grey Sloan Seven, i.e. he was one of the doctors who invested in the hospital.

References Edit

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