Dillard Medical Center

Dillard Medical Center was a teaching hospital by Puget Sound in a suburban part of Seattle.

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The hospital was very poorly run and had no trauma center. In March 2015, there were two major car crashes nearby. The second led Derek Shepherd to become a patient at the hospital, following the victims of the first crash that involved people he had saved.


Derek Shepherd's death at the hospital

The doctors on his case provided inadequate care for Derek and had not followed the proper steps to find out the problem with him immediately. Dr. Penelope Blake, who was a surgical resident, had tried to tell the attendings what she had observed, and stated they needed to give him a head CT, but she was ignored and she stopped pushing the matter. By the time the doctors realised she was right, it was too late. They had called for a neurosurgeon who was an hour late, by which point, Derek was brain dead.[1]

A year later, the hospital was closed and the staff had to seek jobs elsewhere. Dr. Blake was rematched with Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which was coincidentally, the former workplace of Derek.

Known Former Staff Edit

  • Dr. Penelope Blake - surgical resident who worked on Derek's case
  • Dr. Cohn - neurosurgeon who was late to operate on Derek
  • Paul - surgeon who ignored Dr. Blake's suggestion of giving Derek a head CT in favour of focusing on his abdominal injuries
  • Toby - emergency medicine physician who gave Derek's case to Dr. Blake and Paul

References Edit

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