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Fellowship refers to the part of a medical education that follows the residency years. The doctors at this stage of their education are given the term fellow. They have completed their residency program for their specialty and become an attending in that specialty. When they have completed their fellowship in their sub-specialty, the doctor is free to practice that sub-specialty without supervision.

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Note: the first bullet point from the left is not a fellowship unless stated, but the specialty residency or fellowship required to study the sub-specialty fellowship listed below them. The same sub-specialty can be achieved through multiple specialties, which is why certain fellowships are repeated next to each main specialty.

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  • Grey's Anatomy portrays neurosurgery and urology as requiring a surgical residency and then a fellowship. In the real world, they are their own separate residencies, and a fellowship in either subject does not exist.
  • The same problem exists with the portrayal of general surgery. It is a residency program and has no sub-specialty specifically for general surgery itself.

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