The Harper Avery Foundation is a company based in Massachusetts that invests in the progression and education of medicine. The company is headed by Catherine Avery and named for Harper Avery, the founder of the company and renowned surgeon.

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The foundation controls around four hundred and eighty million dollars in charitable funds. They invest in research and innovative ideas and support medical institutions that educate, perform and research procedures such as stem-cell research. As of 2013, they own the greatest share in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which they helped purchase when the hospital went bankrupt from a lawsuit.

Harper Avery Award Edit

The Harper Avery Award was created by the foundation to reward surgeons for great advancement and groundbreaking approaches to medical research. However, the board members have no say in who the award will be given to. The award also cannot be given to doctors who work at a hospital owned by the foundation, in an effort for the voting to remain impartial.

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  • Catherine Avery
  • Jackson Avery - represents the company by being Board Director at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
  • Harper Avery

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