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Internship is a term given to doctors in their first year of surgical or medical residency. They are respectively known as surgical interns or medical interns. An intern has completed medical school and has a medical degree, but is yet to receive the full license to practice medicine unsupervised. They are taught by residents and attendings.

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Having completed medical school and received a degree, the doctor will be matched up with a hospital for their internship. They will be placed in a group and put in the care of a resident who is at least in their second year of surgical or medical residency, and they will guide the intern for the year.

The first year medical intern is also a first year internal medicine resident while surgical interns are first year surgical residents for general surgery. At the conclusion of the surgical internship, the intern has to pass the third and final part of the Intern Test known as the United States Medical Licensing Exam. They then obtain their license to practice unsupervised medicine and become a resident.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • In the real world, interns wouldn't be on the service of attendings and would instead work for the residents. Grey's Anatomy have both interns and residents having a say in whose service they would work for that day but they would not even get to work in that many departments in such a flexible way.[1]
  • The interns would also rarely see the inside of an OR and see major surgery performed by attendings.[1]
  • In the real world, first year surgical residents would not be referred to as surgical interns as portrayed in Grey's Anatomy which has separate terms for medical interns and surgical interns.

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