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Medical School is a tertiary education institution, or part of one, that teaches medicine and awards a professional degree such as MD (Doctor of Medicine) and DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). The student attends medical school for at least five years for the undergraduate study and four years for the graduate study.[1]

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The student completes a degree at university in subjects such as Biology and then applies for medical school. The students who want a surgical residency have to pass the first and second part of the United States Medical Licensing Exam and when they in their fourth year of medical school, they start the process of applying to hospitals. They will then be matched up with the hospital for which they will start their Internship.[1]

While at medical school, the students can have experience in hospitals and have rotations in departments such as general surgery, OB/GYN and pediatric surgery. They can also spend a day with a resident in the specialty of their choice.[1]

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Note: The following medical schools are mentioned because they were referenced in Grey's Anatomy.

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