Neurosurgery is a surgical specialty concerned with the treatment of any part of the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and cerebrovascular system.

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When a doctor wants to become a neurosurgeon, they have to complete four years of undergraduate education, then four years at medical school. They then pick the specialty for their residency which will take them seven years to complete.

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The following neurosurgeons have worked at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital -

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Notable Procedures Edit

  • Sub-Arachnoid Hemorrhage - an uncommon kind of stroke that causes bleeding on the surface of the brain. Katie Bryce, the first notable patient in Grey's Anatomy, suffered from the condition when she fell and hit her head. She was given an operation to repair the bleed.[1]
  • The Shepherd Method - treatment plan created by Derek Shepherd to treat people with inoperable malignant gliomas by injecting the tumour to shrink it.[2]

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Grey's Anatomy has made a few mistakes in how they portray the process to become a neurosurgeon. In order to become a neurosurgeon, the doctor needed to become board certified in the General Surgery residency and then take the sub-specialty for neurosurgery. In the real world, neurosurgery is not a sub-specialty, and is one in it's own right.

References Edit

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